Why Choose IN2 Staffing Solutions

IN2 Staffing Solutions focuses on service excellence, which means we do what we say we do, and we do it well. Below are just some examples of how we add value and serve you better.

  • Local Reach

    The IN2 Staffing Solutions extensive candidate databases offer you the very best talent locally, offering specialist services in mainstream recruitment, professional staffing, and consultancy. Our proximity to our clients allows us to provide a responsive and quality service every time.

  • Expert To Expert

    IN2 Staffing Solutions has over 30 years industry experience, making us Australia’s most qualified staffing solutions provider. IN2 Staffing Solutions offers our clients consultants with specific specialisations and expert knowledge in their respective industries.

  • Tailored Methodologies and Unique Solutions

    IN2 Staffing Solutions understand each client is unique, so we tailor a recruitment methodology to suit your needs and find a solution that will serve you best. For example:Permanent Solutions – sourcing and placing candidates for permanent positions Temporary Solutions – provision of temporaries for short, long or fixed term contracts Dedicated Flexible Staffing Solutions – provision of individuals – managed and paid by IN2 Staffing Solutions for greater flexibility and cost control

  • Safety Focus

    IN2 Staffing Solutions believe that Occupational Health and Safety is a priority and we insist that our candidates, colleagues and clients work in safe environments. The IN2 Staffing Solutions Safety Induction has been designed to ensure that our candidates have been OH&S assessed and are aware of their responsibilities.


The benefits of IN2 Staffing Solutions and you working together as a partnership are :

At IN2 Staffing Solutions Seven Hills office we interview applicants every week. Our team is trained to interview to meet your specific recruitment needs.

Recently IN2 Staffing Solutions posted an urgent position for a local manufacturer. The positions were advertised and qualified, pre-inducted team members were in place on the job the same day.

IN2 Staffing Solutions can find the right person for your role. Experience the difference with our fast and efficient service which doesn’t end at placement. We truly become your partners by working with your workforce to meet your organisational needs.

IN2 Staffing Team
Dedicated Team Members Sourced, inducted and ready to work.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team so we can help you gain access to a flexible dynamic workforce. Call now on (02) 9676 2885.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our commitment to meeting your needs.

Connecting With Your Staff ?

Have questions? We have a consultant standing by to answer any of your queries!


We Specialize in ...

IN2 Staffing Solutions specialise in the placement of:

  •  Process Workers
  • Labourers
  • Forklift Drivers
  • Trades
  • Clerical
  • Administration
  • Call Centre
  • Executive Search


Want To Manage Your Overheads ?

At IN2 Staffing Solutions we are prepared to recruit for permanent or temporary staff. No matter the role, we can assist you in finding the right people for your role and organisation.

At IN2 Staffing Solutions we can help your business manage overheads (and the longterm liabilities employers face). We can help you meet the demands which are over and beyond your day-to-day capability.

Our temporary staff placements are fast quick and easy… we have skilled workers ready to fill your vacancies.

Job Search

Looking For A Job ?

Permanent and Temporary

At IN2 Staffing we assist people with finding the right job for them we have Permanent, Temporary, Casual positions available.

If you are interested in any jobs advertised here, apply here on the site or use the contact form.

One of our friendly consultant will be in touch with you to arrange an interview.

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