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Report Hazards
Report Hazards Before They Become Accidents

Safety at IN2 Staffing

Safety at IN2 Staffing Solutions

Commitment to Our Candidates

IN2 Staffing Solutions is committed to providing a safe workplace for everyone. We have a strong commitment to the prevention of injuries and we focus on effective workplace safety education prior to commencing an assignment.

At IN2 Staffing Solutions we encourage ideas and feedback on safety issues and ideas for improvement. If injured at work, IN2 Staffing Solutions has a commitment to assist and encourage our candidates to return to work.

Safety at IN2 Staffing Solutions

Commitment to Our Clients

IN2 Staffing Solutions’ focus is on safety education and injury prevention. IN2 Staffing Solutions has a commitment to partner with our clients on OH&S initiatives and compliance. Our safety and induction processes significantly reduce the risk of workplace injuries. Our dedicated OH&S team can provide you with OH&S expertise.

IN2 Staffing Solutions enhances productivity, through sound OH&S Management, adding value and providing cost savings to your business.

IN2 Staffing Solutions' Safety Culture

Safety in the Workplace

IN2 Staffing Solutions is a leading provider of recruitment, labour hire and workforce management solutions to industry and businesses. Our business is about valuing all people that work for, or with IN2 Staffing Solutions so that their human potential may be realised and utilised. Our values are supported by our safety culture which is on a continual improvement journey through all facets of our business where we strive to achieve freedom from harm in the workplace.

We understand the complex nature of real world safety assurance in a changing work environment that involves new technical, physical and psychosocial factors. To constantly keep in control of health and safety exposures across industry, we formulate and implement cultural programs designed to develop strong safety beliefs and actions within individual and corporate behaviour.

We invite all our candidates, staff and clients to engage with IN2 Staffing Solutions’ commitment to achieve freedom from harm, and proactively seek out occupational exposures and apply prompt and efficient controls. This is only possible when we all commit to freedom from harm then ensuring our actions support that commitment, and that we frequently communicate this within all aspects of life, not just work.

In an effort to develop a positive safety culture and achieve freedom from harm in the workplace, IN2 Staffing Solutions’ Safety Policy is applied to all business undertakings through our Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (OHSEMS).

Health Management

All persons have a duty of care to themselves in that they are fit for work for the duration of their work assignment. IN2 Staffing Solutions encourages all candidates and employees to pro-actively seek beneficial health assurance information that will assist them to lead a healthier work life. We stress that where your health may require more than mere personal references and choices, that you engage a professional general practitioner to offer the right advice on your relevant health improvements.

Safety Culture

Safety Culture

Work Policies

Fitness for Work Policies

IN2 Staffing

IN2 Staffing Solutions

Fitness For Work Policies

IN2 Staffing Solutions and its clients enforce strict provisions to ensure all persons are fit for work prior to commencing work, and during work. As a candidate or employee, this means you must not be influenced by alcohol or drugs when you enter a workplace, operate machinery or supervise others. Upon entering the IN2 Staffing Solutions, your induction informs you of the IN2 Staffing Solutions Fitness For Work Policy which includes the prohibition of being influenced by alcohol or other drugs whilst in our employ. You also give consent to be tested at any-time in the workplace, and abide by the instructions given by IN2 Staffing Solutions and / or the Client.

Fatigue Management Advice

Fatigue presents itself in many ways to each person, sometimes in an obvious form, sometimes not. The following list indicates the differing types of fatigue factors that can affect a person’s cognition, or ability to think and act in a safe manner.

  • This occurs when you have less than 8 hours continuous sleep per day over a significant period. The broken sleep patterns can be in excess of 50% of your sleep period giving you around 4 hours rest every 8 hours sleep. If this broken sleep occurs continuously (and depending on other aspects of your health) you may experience micro sleeps or [pass out during a crucial task at your workplace. A known contributor to broken sleep patterns is obesity at any level. Another risk to sleep debt is reduced sleep periods (less than 8 hours) or shift sleeping (where the 8 hours is deliberately broken up into shorter more frequent sleeps.
  • Candidates and employees must ensure that their sleep periods are adequate enough to provide good rest periods to let the body and mind replenish. Shift change meetings in certain industries (such as mining) train their supervisors to assess each person for signs and symptoms of fatigue and have counter measures to ensure you cannot enter the workplace in this condition.
  •  Persons who insist on arriving at work with a known illness (the flu, strains, disease, etc…) are now fatigued as their body has already been busy fighting their illness, and they have probably experienced some sleep debt on top of this.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited as the impairment upon cognition is unquantifiable – therefore banned.

IN2 Staffing Solutions and its client will also require you to immediately disclose the use of prescription drugs so that a search can be performed on the medication to ensure that prohibitions for machinery or vehicle use are verified and complied with.

  • Your diet is an important factor in being fit for work. It is common knowledge that excessive intake of certain food groups with little exercise contributes to obesity. You must also consider how your type of diet will affect your energy levels in certain environments, for example, the consumption of heavy / saturated fatty food in the hot summer will draw the blood away from your extremities to the digestive system to process digestion. This makes it harder for your blood to cool through your extremities and circulate through your body to reduce your body temperature.
  • The effects of working long hours are well known and sparked the reasonable hours test case last decade. Prolonged work hours or shifts, simply tires a person physically and mentally to the extent that the person’s reduced physical strength and cognition adversely affects their ability to perform reliably safe work.

IN2 Staffing Solutions does employ controls for reasonable hours of work that includes travel time and is contained within its Fitness For Work Policy. The most important issue that candidates and employees must manage, is the reporting of their fatigue issues to their supervisor and or IN2 Staffing Solutions consultant and implement controls that reduce your potential for a work or travel related incident.

  • Personal fitness is reduced by varying influences in and outside of the work environment. A person’s inactive lifestyle / social habits where physical activities performed are of low levels, may be a contributing factor to immobility, weight gain, and over-exertion.
  • Prior to the commencement of physically demanding work, you should perform stretching exercises with your body parts that are most likely to be used the most for your job. This will ensure a degree of limbering is achieved preventing strains and sprains.
  • Fitness for work is affected by persons not frequently rehydrating in hot work environments and climates. A low rehydration replenishment rate would be 4 – 6 litres per day with hotter climates and excessive work demands requiring a higher rate. It is essential that workers being placed to work in remote or isolated locations must have adequate water to rehydrate for the duration of their task.
  • The most effective rehydration fluid is water. Isotonic drinks, soft drinks, cordials and fruit juices do not offer rehydration as effective as water. To assist in the reduction of dehydration, supplementary controls such as brimmed hats, long sleeved shirts, the provision of shade, rest regimes, neck coolers and ventilation should be provided at the work site.

Symptoms / signs of dehydration may involve the following

  •  Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea / Vomiting
  • Fainting
  • Dark urinary discharge

If you experience these, seek immediate rehydration, report it to your supervisor and rest. If required, a first aider should refer you to professional treatment.

  • As explained in IN2 Staffing Solutions’ Fitness for Work Policy, persons who are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs may be deemed as unfit for safe work. As an individual’s tolerance and intolerance levels to these may differ due to their physiology, all levels of influence are difficult to attach to levels of impairment. Due to this anomaly, all levels of influence are treated as potential triggers for impairment which cannot be tolerated when lives may be at risk. Therefore blanket prohibitions for any detected level of alcohol or drugs levels in a person by a tester, will apply across most client sites and industries.
  • As an employee / candidate, you have given your consent to be tested for alcohol and other drugs during your employment and may be subjected to testing either by IN2 Staffing Solutions, and or the client. There are two mainstream testing methods used –
  1. Breath Air Analyser – This is a calibrated device operated by a qualified person who takes a sample of your breath through the device which will detect and measure the level of alcohol in your breath air sample.
  2. Salivical Tester –  This is a swab which you are required to place in your mouth and provide a compliant sample. The mid-range testers will detect a positive or negative reading of the presence of 5 different drug groups within your system on an indicator built into the swab device.

In the event of returning a positive reading for alcohol or other drugs, you will be required to either proceed to a registered testing provider or a GP for further urine or blood testing, or be stood down from work pending further testing. Persons delivering positive results are not permitted to work.

  • Persons who have known diseases or illnesses that are openly contagious must not frequent a workplace where other person’s health is put at risk. If and when you decide not to attend work due to these circumstances, it is important that you give your IN2 Staffing Solutions consultant and the client enough notification so that a replacement can be made. Where a person has a significant illness that has prevented them from being away from work for more than two days, a doctors certificate should be provided to IN2 Staffing Solutions indicating that they are fit to return to full duties.
  • Some aspects of higher risk work may involve passive exposures or unplanned exposures to materials that required medical assessment, and ongoing health surveillance programs. These programs may involve spirometries for occupational dust exposures causing lung diseases, blood testing for poisoning, absorption of toxins, exposure to isocyanates, etc…

IN2 Staffing Solutions seeks to identify these types of exposures during our Client Site Safety Assessments prior to the placement of candidates on site. If you require more information on this subject, please contact IN2 Staffing Solutions.

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